Why Is Owning a Dog Worth the Pain ?

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Many people wonder if owning dogs or shepperd Puppies is worth the time, money and also pain. Well, it depends on the person, however it is certain that almost every person in the world has a special place for dogs in their hearts. Dogs have been one of the best pets to own  since hundreds of years ago. Having a beautiful dog home is always a sign of happiness and also responsibility. Before you make this big decision make sure you think thoroughly, that way you will not do like certain people do, and throw your pet away as if it was not a living being. Pets only give us love, make sure you do the same and only give them love!

Breeding and Puppies.

There are hundreds of different options for you to choose from, from beautiful Shepperd Puppiesto cute and delicate Chihuahua ones. There is always a great and amazing option for you to choose from. It is funny because sometimes the breed chooses you and not the other way around. Having a dog is always a joy, however make sure you choose a breed according to where you live. For example, you should not have a German Shepperd in a small cramped up apartment, since a German Shepperdneeds more space than a pincher for example. You should have a dog that will adapt to your space and also to your lifestyle.

The expenses that come when thinking of getting a dog.

When thindog-manking about getting a dog people usually just consider the amount of money they would spend buying food for them. Although this might seem silly, many people are this bad. When getting a dog there are several other costs that should be taken into consideration, after all a dog should be treated as another family member. Having a dog home is just like having a child, a child that never grows up. You might spend money when buying a dog (although adopting is also a wonderful idea! :D)

Here are some of the costs!

  • Annual vaccination! (never be cheap! Your animal deserves a chance to be healthy!)
  • Costs with Food.
  • Costs with puppy pads if you decide to use them.
  • Costs with trimming nails and fur
  • Money for medications and also for visits to the vet
  • Costs with clothes, accessories such as leash, house, blankets, toys etc
  • Also think about the money it might cost you if the dog ends up eating a few things such as shoes or even furniture.

Things you should never do when you have a dog.

Dogs are not toys, they are not gifts you can give to children and throw away when they get tired of it. Have you ever imagined throwing your child on the street as if he was trash? Well, that is exactly what you should NEVER do to a dog. Dogs deserve to be treated as a living being. They should be respected and once you decide to have one it is a lifetime decision, just like having a child. You can not say you got tired of it and simply throw it away, as if it was nothing. We are humans and as mentally capable people we should respect such a wonderful thing such as a dog.

They are so worth it, and even though saying good bye is hard, once it is time for them to part, it is always wonderful to have a dog in our memories forever.


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